There are so many reasons to be afraid today, especially with natural disasters flaring up all around the world recently. It’s understandable if the demolition from all these earthquakes, storms and tragedies stir up fear within you; fear which can rob you of peace, productivity and happiness in life. Always remember however that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Meaning that the fear you feel right now can be eliminated by an equal and opposite emotion if you channel your will to reflect hope.

There are two main motivating forces that we confront on a daily basis, namely; fear and hope. Fear is a defensive emotion. Consequently it yields an energy that can be used to protect. Unfortunately fear also has a way of debilitating people through anxiety and apprehension. Fear does indeed have a place in our lives, but it doesn’t need to control us. The healthy way to experience fear is to actually feel fear, without letting fear consume us. Don’t allow fear to dictate how you choose to live life. In order to overcome fear, we must first face it. Many avoid and ignore their fears, because it takes courage to face them. Facing your feelings is the first step toward gaining control over the situation and pressing through to success.

When we are afraid, we pull back from opportunities, and from life overall. When we have hope we become open to all that life has to offer with passion, excitement, and acceptance. Shining stars are only visible in the dark of night. Although you never asked to be mired in your darkest fears, accepting, confronting, and overcoming your fear is the only way to learn, grow, and survive the difficulties you are going through. Feeling fear is uncomfortable, but I assure you conquering it will make you feel empowered, courageous, and proud.

3 Steps to Overcome Fear and Live in Hope

1. The first step to eliminate unnecessary fear is to evaluate your fears. What are you afraid of and why? Be brutally honest with yourself when facing your fears and decide what fears are necessary, and which ones are limiting.

2. The next important step is learning to trust yourself. Trust in your abilities, skills, knowledge and talent. You must be able to trust yourself before you can fully decide to overcome that fear. If you do not trust, then you will continue to allow fear to rule your life. You are powerful and filled with greatness and potential. Now it’s time not only to believe in yourself, but to live like it too!

3. We need to quit worrying about things we can’t control. You have control over yourself and what you do. However you don’t, and will never, have control over others, or natural disasters that happen in the world. It’s wise to prepare for the worst but, if doing so interferes with your peace of mind to the point of causing constant anxiety it’s not healthy. You must become fully solution-minded and potential-minded. Learn to focus on doing your very best and learning from mistakes. All that matters in life is that you give it your very best and live life to the fullest. Holding onto worry or fear does not allow you to do that. Overcome fear and worry be creating more HOPE in your life. Hope is a CONFIDENT EXPECTATION OF IMPENDING GOOD FOR YOU AND YOUR LIFE. You can create hope by having a clear vision for your life. You can create hope by strengthen your fait! h. You can create hope by meditating on all that you are thankful for. You can create hope by remembering all the times in the past where trouble came, and you survived to emerge better and stronger. You can create hope by connecting with nature and its beauty. Lastly, you can create hope by surrounding yourself with people of hope because hope is contagious. That is where RISE Programs can help. Join us to RISE to new levels in life. We are a team of hope-filled people!

Richard Martinez
Transformation Expert

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